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Cat's Paw

I started making dance belts in the early 80's while stationed with the Air Force in Germany.  I was asked by a friend to repair an inexpensive belt that she was using and I thought I could make her one that would hold up a little better.  That was five hundred belts ago and I'm still improving designs  and striving to make the best belt for the dancer

Our Founder

This is Harley, the three-toed Siamese cat.  When Cat's Paw first started out, he would go to events with me.  Since I needed a business name, I chose Cat's Paw.  Harley has since passed over but his legacy lives on.



All my custom work carries a lifetime guarantee.  You can also send your belt, bra cover, tummy drape or other handmade piece back to me every few years for a tune-up.  I'll tighten up links and check jump rings on the bells and coins.*  I strive not to duplicate any belt that I've made so your belt is a one of a kind.

*Customer pays shipping costs

We are located in Ramsey Indiana about 45 miles west of Louisville Kentucky.  I have some items on display in my wife's office in Louisville.  Call if you'd like to make an appointment to see things first hand.

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Cat's Paw
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