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To design An Order

I have a basic line of belts available but most belts are designed to your order.  The  essential information I need is your hip measurement. After that you can be as detailed as you like.  You can choose between steel, copper or brass finish, or a mix of any or all.  The girdle can be chain mail, linked coins, or plain chain.  An average belt has five or seven 14 inch overlapping loops, but I can do as many as you like.

Bra covers start at $50.00.

The cover pictured is $60.00.

Other Custom Orders

I also make bra covers, belly drapes, head pieces, anklets, bracelets, handflowers, footflowers, necklaces, belly chains and a few other items.  Price depends on complexity of the piece and type of materials used.  Please inquire for more information.

Tummy drapes for $35.00.

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