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Real Belts for Real Dancers

The only information I must have to start your belt is your hip measurement. Belts are usually designed with hooks at both ends with about six inch overlap. Next I need to know if you have a color preference, (copper, brass, silver or a combination of any of the three). Then, what type of belt do you want? You can choose from simple chain, chain mail or linked coins for the girdle. Also choose the number of loops would you like. Coin and bell loops are$20.00 per loop for a 14 inch loop. If you have a design preference I can work from that or I can run with what instructions you give.

Chain Mail Belt

Pictured belt is $300.00

Basic Chain Belt
This is a 40 inch silver tone belt with five loops made with coins and bells. Approximate weight of 3.4 pounds.

Pictured belt is $130.00

Linked Coin Belt
This is a 46 inch silver belt with seven loops with coins and bells. Approximate weight of 5.6 pounds.

Pictured belt is $240.00


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